Technological infrastructure for the funeral industry

We enhance the digital experience of families regarding the funeral service.

NextLives offers funeral companies the technology to improve their business and take it to another level without worries. Fully customizable, always under your own brand.

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Unify and simplify all your services aimed to families.

Organize all customer touchpoints in one place and take engagement between funeral home and customer to the next level.
Our platform is designed to unify all your commercial channels or services.

Captivate families with a friendly and collaborative environment, encourage participation, reach a broader audience and let everything flow naturally.

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Families will appreciate the extraordinary level of every detail. and its possibilities

A website for every family, easy to use for all ages and with all the information on the funeral service.

Location, dates, times, photos of the venue, contact information or special details of each event.

Where they can also publish text messages, drawings or audio, upload photos, write letters, confirm their attendance, send flowers, or follow the ceremony via streaming, among many other possibilities.

  • family area
  • streaming
  • Communication
  • Privacy
  • ...and much more!
More information about families
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Improve your relationship with families while obtaining potential data for your brand.

A 5-star experience from the beginning of the service, or during any intermediate step.

As a result, you will obtain better conversion, greater quality control, stronger loyalty to your brand, and new opportunities for your company. All while boosting family satisfaction.

  • Statistics
  • quality
  • Opinions
  • Ecommerce
  • and much more!
More information about companies
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A circuit 100% closed with your brand image.

Your logo, your colors, your services, your integrations or your
communications. We provide the technology.

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A technology that allows you to grow unlimited.

Activating or adding new services, integrating third-party applications, automating communications or giving your company the power to make changes, is a matter of minutes.

Website creation

Each family will have their own space where they can access relevant information about the events, leave messages of support, watch live ceremonies and much more.

Where all the control is with the family administrators.

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If you have an ecommerce, we will send all the purchase intention there.

If you don't have one, or you want to improve your sales, simply use the one offered by the platform.

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Your brand image will look better than ever.

Give your marketing department more control and freedom to implement changes.

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There is nothing more powerful than sincere feedback from families.

NPS, quality certificate, surveys or opinions. Everything automated.

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Integrate your streaming system easily, or use our plug and play equipment.

Whatever your choice, you will take a big leap in UX.

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App for Smart TV

Install our app on your smart TV, and log in to upload your look, and your funeral services.

Select one to play the contents, creating a beautiful experience for families.

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Get to know the opinion of some companies of different sizes and countries, which already have measurable results.

  • Memora

    It represents a commitment to differentiation and digitization, providing us with an environment where we offer our families the possibility of keeping the memory of their loved one alive, as well as new service opportunities.

    Logo Memora

    Lourdes Alsina

    Marketing direction

  • Grupo Gayosso

    The more than 7,000 professionals that make up Grupo Gayosso believe that the excellence perceived by the families that choose us is associated with a comprehensive product, service and experience, and Nextlives is part of our management ecosystem for this.

    Logo Gayosso

    Juan J. Rodríguez

    Deputy General Manager

  • Jardines de Esperanza

    Those of us who are dedicated to the funeral sector know the importance of showing a human and close company. Next-Live has been our strategic ally in this mission, since through technology, families feel the company of their relatives in a closer and warmer way. In addition, we as a company offer a comprehensive and innovative service, according to the progress of the market.

    Logo de Jardines de Esperanza

    Gisella Quizhpe

    Services and Operations Manager

  • Grupo ASV

    It represents a clear commitment to differentiation. Technology in the funeral sector is already a reality, facilitating communication and new services for families.

    Logo Grupo ASV

    Fernando Guntiñas

    Managing Director ASV Group

  • Parcesa

    It provides us with an efficient solution that is appreciated by families, as well as a portfolio of very interesting service opportunities.

    Parcesa logo

    Rafael Urío Rodríguez

    Managing Director

  • PFB Serveis Funeraris de Badalona

    It is a fundamental tool to bring families together in difficult moments of the loss of a loved one and is of great help to funeral service companies in improving and expanding our services.

    Logo de PFB

    Ana M. Gassió Subirachs


  • Ángel Cuenca

    In our case, the decision to implement Nextlives has been based on facilitating communication as much as possible so that no one is left without the opportunity to say goodbye, adding extra value to the service, while serving as a continuous improvement tool thanks to the NPS.

    Logo de Ángel Cuenca

    Abel Cuenca


  • Funeraria Vascongada

    It is one of the easiest decisions I have made and the one that has produced me the greatest satisfaction. In practice, no other solution is on the level of Nextlives.

    Logo Vascongada

    Francisco Javier Salgado

    General Director of the Vascongada Funeral Home Group

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